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About Black Truffle

Rotorua New Zealand Black Truffle.jpeg


Established in 2006 by Marie and Stu Dennis the trufferie is located on the outskirts of Rotorua.
Stu’s background is in landscaping and Marie is a scientist so between them they bring a wide
range of knowledge and practicality to running the trufferie.

From developing the site, to planting, maintaining and finally production has taken around 12
years and it’s been no quick easy process. The trufferie was originally a lifestyle block grazed by
sheep and cattle. The entire site had to be cleared of incumbent willows, rotary hoed and
levelled before planting could begin. Truffles like a alkaline soil so 360 tonnes of lime was added
to the soil prior to planting.  Around 1500 evergreen oaks (quercus ilex) pre-innoculated with
tuber melanosporum were planted, and being the perfectionist he is Stu made sure every tree
row lined up perfectly - horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

The oak trees grow prolifically and each year are pruned back hard in order for the sunlight to
warm the ground during summer and to make it easy to work the dogs under the trees at
harvest time.

The trufferie is mown during the summer period but as the brûlé (denuded area around trees
caused by the fungus) moves further out from the trees less mowing is required and we stop mowing in February when the truffle are forming so as to not disturb the delicate fungus growing below ground.

For the past few years we have focused on promoting growth in the trufferie by reinfecting the trees with truffle spore to maintain the balance between male and female spores, and ripping the roots to promote fine root growth for spores to attach.

Our vision is to present quality perigord truffle from our Rotorua trufferie, and to educate people to the unique flavours of truffle and the fascinating science behind growing this sought after fungi.

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